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Historical Ministry
"Reflecting on the Past, Honoring the Present, and Making Room for the Future"
Elder Willie Billups introduced South Carolina to the Church of God by Faith during the 1920's when he and family returned fro m Jacksonville, Florida.  Papa Billups and Daddy Scippio were social friends before they became "By Faithers".
Leading Ladies of Faith inspired us through their dedication to God and love for the Ministry.

1914 - 1940 

Elder Willie Billups was living in Jacksonville, Florida where he and Elder Nathaniel Scippio were friends prior to their salvation. Upon receiving salvation, he joined the Church of God by Faith and returned to his home in Sumter, South Carolina to share the Gospel.   Elder Billups built the first church in 1931 on Beck St. that reflected his Love for God and his congregation.  Prior to that, the church had service underneath a tent.  Elder Scippio arrived years later to assist in the soul winning efforts. 

Mother Eva Stukes
The First SC Convert under Papa
Willie Billups




South Carolina Remembers 

Elder David Davis

A Man of Wisdom, Knowledge and Faith.

He has contributed so much to impact lives in various capacities.


November 23-1930, January 19, 2015


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